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Children's Ref: Don't Forget to Vote

on Thu, 11/01/2012 - 12:04

This post is simply to remind you that the Children's Referendum is coming up on the 10th of November.

If passed the referendum will amend the Constitution of Ireland by repealing Article 42.5 and inserting a new Article 42A. To see how this came to pass see the Oireachtas Website.

it is time to to sit down and really consider what we are being asked to vote for.

Below are a number of Websites which could help you research this issue. There are a number of groups who advocating both the Yes and the No vote. While the Yes vote have a number of Websites dedicated to the referendum. The opposite is true for the No campaign. I either could not locate a Website for different groups or their Website did not have a link to the referendum. There are a small number of links below to start you off but a simple search will allow you to research it fully.

Be sure to vote. As teachers this change will affect the lives of those children for whom and with whom we work.



The Referendum Commission is an independent body that, when a referendum falls to be held, may be appointed by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government.

Referendum Commission Website



The Saving Childhood group comprises Barnardos, CARI, the Children's Rights Alliance, the ISPCC, the Irish Association of Young People in Care, One in Four and Rape Crisis Network Ireland. Their campaign is called Yes for Children.

Dept of Children and Youth Affairs



There are also five groups opposed to the children’s rights referendum, Unmarried and Separated Families of Ireland; Mothers Alliance Ireland; the Christian Solidarity Party; Christian Democrats; and Direct Democracy Ireland.

Irish Times: Who Opposes the Referendum

RTE: Group begins campaign against Children's Referendum

Two Rights Now

Kathy Sinnott's view



The Journal: Collection of Referendum articles

RTE: Referendum Explained General Overview, Legal Analysis




Please Note: all links were correct at time of posting, Subkit does not hold any responsibiity for the content of other wesites. A listing here is not a condonation of the material or point of view advcocated in the expternal Website.

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